CANARY ISLANDS- Basking in the beachy glory

Coming from a tropical nation (India), it was a complete switch for us to move to Europe and live in the always-freezing kinda climate there. So, our fascination towards beaches and islands is all the more understandable! This trip was more special as we planned our first family Christmas vacations together in Europe with our Uncle, his wife and two beautiful daughters flying from Belfast, Ireland. Surely it was a perfect escape for all of us away from our respective freezing homelands to some sunny days waiting ahead.

Canary Islands in Spain offer you beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, intriguing history and culture to delve in. Interestingly, the seven islands are geographically in Africa but politically in Spain. The entire place has mesmerizing volcanic landscapes, lush greenery and traditional villages. We hit Lanzarote, which is the biggest of all. There are 3 main islands —– Lanzarote, Tenerife and Fuerteventura.

Lanzarote is beachy, green and has a very friendly and casual vibe to it. Totally legit for a holiday! Interesting fact about choosing this location was its strategic placement in North African continent which lit our travel instinct to tick another continent on the world map within Schengen visa 😉

Dusk is just an illusion because the sun is either above the horizon or below it.

We boarded a flight from Leipzig, Germany which took us 5 hours to reach Canary Islands. From Airport, you will find the public transport (buses) travelling to city in every 15-20 min. Or you can book car on international driving license.

Tip: Do keep an eye on package tours deals while planning for such exotic locations, which provide all inclusive resort stay. Also some tour companies also sponsor tickets from your home to Airport (bus/train) and vice versa at return. small wins huh? Check24, FTI Touristik, Thomas Cook, TUI are our favorite German local Tour and Travel services.

THB Tropical Island: The main highlight of the trip was to find a dream resort to stay at. Such a luxury and peace it was. We booked a big 4 room apartment (together with our UK family) right next to the pool surrounded with lanky Palm trees. Spotting tortoise, Chameleons and bird species in the vicinity was a great wildlife experience. The resort offered us full day engaging activities like morning yoga followed by meditation, Arching, golf, aqua gym along with some fun games. Especially if you’re visiting this time of the year, you will find Resort staff dressed up as fun Chrismas characters like Gonzo, Gizmo, Olaf, Elsa, Anna, Nutcracker to name a few and ‘Feliz Navidad’ song in the air. Not to miss the grand tradition stepped Chrismas dinner spread offering turkey, roast potatoes, brussels sprouts, Christmas pudding weighing down tables and our stomachs. It was indeed a perfect place to have a joint Christmas vacation with our lovelies ❤

Places to Visit

  1. Timanfaya National Park- This is a must-visit now guys! The spectacular volcanic landscape leaves you stunned in every way. The statue “El Diablo” by César Manrique is its symbol. Though we kept comparing the volcanos with ‘Icelandic’ ones. Travelling gives you perspective, surely!
  • Playa Blanca Beach- The white beach — from which the town takes it’s name — has a European Blue Flag for cleanliness and is at the heart of the resort. Golden sand, clear water and blue skies, mean the Beaches of Playa Blanca are great places to lay back, chill out and top up your tan beach, and is a very tranquil one. 
  • El Diablo Restaurant- This unique eatery uses the geothermal heat from a dormant volcano to cook its food, that’s some interesting trivia now!
  • Cafe Antigua Escuela- While driving back from Timan Faya to our resort, we spotted this cute little thing on the way. This Spanish Vintage themed café quickly became girls favorite for their fancy photoshoot.

All in all, the year-round warm climate in the Canary Islands makes for a wonderful trip. Such a relief from the painful cold in Europe! And the volcanic landscapes are a breathtaking add-on to treat your eyes with.

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