GEORGIA- Tale of Two Cities

Georgia is a discoverer’s charm! One cannot fathom what all can this ecstatic place offer. It has certainly blown my mind. Be it the warm people, the gorgeous countryside, the stunning nightlife, or just me being there……it was a product of so many blends. Georgia is located in Eurasia, and the locals call it as the ‘Balcony of Europe’.


 It’s is the second largest city of Georgia and has been once the capital of Georgia. One can reach Kutaisi through the cheapest way which is the local mode- Marshrutka (minibus), which takes approx 3-4 hours to reach, and costs only 20 Gel per person. Or you can  cover most of the area by walking too.

Places to visit in Kutaisi:

Bagrati Cathedral: A must-visit in Kutaisi which gives you a gorgeous, lush view of the entire city.  Such therapy to eyes!

Gelati Monastery: This one is located approx. 6km away from centre and can boast of some great historical information.

Motsameta Monastery: It is smaller and quieter than the one in Gelati, although its cliff-edge setting is more outstanding by far. It is located 6km out of Kutaisi, off the Gelati road.

Colchis Fountain:  It is situated at David Agmashenebeli square and was built in 2011. It is a composition of 30 statues- horses, deer and lions which are copies of small statues found during excavations in the Colchis lowland. Some of them are more than 5000 years old.

City Centre: A lively spot in the centre of the city full of ATMs,  restaurants, cafes etc.


The capital city of Georgia is one of the buzzing cities, boasting of contemporary architecture and old Cathedral vibe. It offers an unforgettable nightlife too.

Places to visit in Tblisi:

Narikala fortress: Take the cable car to the top of Narikala fortress where you experience a spectacular panaromic view of the city.

Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tblisi: Also called Sameba, it is one of the biggest Cathedrals in Tbilisi and the most beautiful too.

Bridge of Peace: A bow-shaped pedestrian bridge, a steel and glass construction lit beautifully with many LEDs, over the Kura River.

Freedom Square: The meeting point of two most interesting neighbourhoods of Tbilisi – the Old town and Sololaki district. It is a great place to meet, as most important sights and venues are within walking distance here.

Traditional handmade wine bottle decor and attire is surely a unique find!

Travel between the cities should either be done by local buses from stations or simply walk! In Tbilisi, install and use Taxify app for hassle-free commuting. Accommodation can be figured with AirBnB or at decent prices.


The prominent things to savour at Georgia are mushrooms, aubergines and baked beans. Totally drool-worthy!

A heaven for foodies

So, gear up and fly away to this gem of a place between Europe and Asia for an indelible travel experience.

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